Join Our Team! Currently Hiring for 2024

JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Crew Member (July - October) - 3 to 5 days per week  

We are looking for motivated and hard-working individuals to join our crew for the 2024 growing season. We are an organic berry farm that offers pick-your-own berries and pre-picked berries for sale at our farm store.

Responsibilities: Our crew is involved in both berry production/harvest and interacting with customers through our pick-your-own days and farm store. Responsibilities include:

- Harvesting strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

- Field tasks such as weeding, trellising, planting, and boxing berries in the packshed.

- Helping to provide a great experience for customers coming for pick-your-own or other farm events.

-  There are a variety of roles in the farm's customer service work and we will find which one(s) are the best fit for you. They include things like running checkout, serving as a greeter explaining to people how things work and getting them supplies during pick-your-own, or being out in the field during pick-your-own answering customer questions and helping them find a place to pick berries. 

Qualifications: This job requires you to learn to work at a fast, efficient pace and to enjoy working outside and with your body. Prior work experience on a farm is a plus, but is not necessary to work here. Being self motivated, flexible, and having a positive mindset are often more important than previous experience. We strive to create a positive, welcoming and joyful atmosphere for our team and so we value people who fit this culture.

We are a direct marketing farm that has customers coming to the farm nearly every day, so you will be interacting with customers as part of the work of the farm. Customers who come to our farm are looking to make a connection both with the farm and the land and also with you, the people who are working here. You should enjoy interacting with people of all age ranges for this job to be a good fit for you. There will be "rush" times when there are many people coming and going and it can feel hectic, so working "under pressure" in an occasionally fast paced environment is something you will need to be comfortable with. Previous customer service or retail experience is a plus but is not necessary.

Timeframe and Hours: Our berry seasons runs July through October. Typical work hours are 6:30am/7:00am to 2:30pm/3:00pm. If you are not able to work the entire job period of July-October or can only work a limited number of days per week, don't let you that stop you from applying. We will consider people who are only available for part of the time. 

Compensation/Benefits: Pay is $16-$19 per hour depending upon experience. We provide a paid half hour lunch break. In addition we provide free coffee, a weekly container of free berries, and a 25% discount on items we sell in our farm store. 

To Apply: Send a resume and cover letter to info@littlehillberryfarm.com. In your cover letter please answer the question: What's your favorite fruit and why? Explain any relevant experience or your qualifications for the job + your interest in the farm and/or farming and food in general. You can also include schooling and/or areas of academic interest if applicable. Finally, include 2 work or personal references. As a reminder, if you have limited work experience or do not have experience working on a farm don't let that stop you from applying. Being self motivated, flexible, and having a positive mindset are often more important than previous experience.

Feel free to email us at info@littlehillberryfarm.com with any questions you have about the jobs available, working here, etc. We look forward to hearing from you!