Upick Raspberries

Upick Raspberries at our farm is a little different than other upick farms because we have a relatively small field of raspberries. Please read below for details of how it works.

Upick Raspberry Details

  • We have a small raspberry field with three rows outside and four rows of raspberries inside our high tunnel.
  • We have a few short videos on YouTube showing what the rows look like. You can click here to go to our YouTube channel. 
  • Because our raspberry field is small, we need to limit the amount of people who come pick each day to make sure everyone has enough space and there are enough raspberries to pick. 
  • We will have set number of spots available for picking each day we are open. You will need to sign up for a spot in order to come pick raspberries. Please sign up for a reservation spot for each adult or young adult 16 and over in your group. (It is possible these spots will go very fast. We know this may be frustrating and apologize for that. We are considering putting in a large field of raspberries next year especially if we see demand for upick raspberries is really high. 
  • We are charging $5 to reserve your picking spot. This is just to make sure that those who sign up show up to pick. We don't want people signing up quick to get the spot and then realizing afterwards they can't make it, which takes spots from other people interested in picking. The $5 will be credited to you when you check out. So if you pick $20 worth of raspberries, we will deduct the $5 and you will pay $15. 
  • Our raspberries are certified organic and upick raspberries are $9 per pound. 
  • We do our best to match the number of reservations we take to the amount of berries we think we'll have. However, berries are unpredictable, so if you want to make sure you get a certain amount of berries we suggest you come as close to when we open as possible. 
  • We plan to be open 2-3 days each week in September. At the beginning of the week we'll post on our website the days we will be open that week and a link to sign up for the picking spots. Typical days will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. 
  • The raspberry field and high tunnel have a lot of bee and insect activity. Bees especially seem to love our raspberries. 
  • We are open for picking early in the morning because bee and insect activity is less, so we hope it will be a more comfortable picking environment. 
  • Because we have limited space and because of the bee and insect activity, we are only allowing children 10 and above at raspberry picking this season. 
  • Not allowing younger kids is not something we take lightly. Our farm has always welcomed kids and we think kids seeing where there food comes from and being exposed to farms is really important. In this case though, it is what we think will be best for everyone. 
  • Click here to sign up for picking spots if they are available. 
  • Please let us know if you have any questions. Upick raspberries is a new endeavor for us, so we will be learning as we go. We ask for your patience as we get up and running.