Spring Plant Sale Information

Looking to grow healthy, delicious food for your family this summer? Want to add fruit to your landscaping? Want to buy plants that will grow and thrive in our Minnesota climate? You've come to the right place!

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Each Spring we sell a variety of berry plants including blueberry plants for your home landscape and vegetable, herb, and flower plant starts for your garden or to grow in pots. Plants are ordered through our website in advance and picked up at the farm in May. New this year we will be offering organic gardening supplies such as compost, fertilizer, potting soil, straw bales, and seed starting mix, which will be available for purchase at the farm. 

Our plant sale is unique because we offer plants that have outstanding flavor and do well in our soils and climates. The varieties of berry plants that we offer we have grown successfully on our farm. The garden starts (vegetables, herbs, and flowers) are grown by a local vegetable farm we partner with, Waxwing Farm. Waxwing starts the plants in their on-farm greenhouse and grows them using all organic practices. We have chosen varieties that Waxwing has found do well in our area and taste great. Plants you buy at big box stores and even many local nurseries are grown in warm, southern states and shipped to Minnesota in the spring. They aren't adapted to our climate and are generic varieties that often lack flavor.

We are excited to share that this year we will also be offering native plants. We are partnering with Sogn Valley Farm to offer native wildflowers and grasses that both add incredible beauty to your landscape and provide habitat for butterflies, bees, beneficial insects, and other wildlife. Karin from Sogn Valley Farm is an ecologist and expert on pollinator conservation. Many of the seeds for these plants were collected from remnant prairie and oak savanna on their farm. They start all the plants in their on farm greenhouse and grow them using organic practices. 

We are always available for growing advice and questions. Text (507-301-7183) or email (info@littlehillberryfarm.com) us anytime with questions. Send us a picture of your plant and we'll help you diagnose what the problem is. When you buy plants from us, you aren't just buying plants. You are tapping into our growing experience as successful organic farmers in Minnesota for over 10 years. 


When are plants available?

Cold hardy berry plants, such as blueberry or raspberry plants, will be available for pickup at our farm starting on May 7th. Vegetable, herb, flower, and native plant starts, which are more susceptible to seasonably cold spring weather, will be available starting on May 14th. We will have regular open hours during the week and on weekends throughout May and into early June. As the spring gets closer, we'll send out information to people who have placed a plant order with all the pickup details and options. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about the plant sale, plant varieties, or anything else. We're here to help and want you to have bountiful berries and a successful garden this year. Text (507-301-7183) or email (info@littlehillberryfarm.com) us anytime. 

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