Spring Plant Sale Information

Looking to grow healthy, delicious food for your family this summer? Want to add fruit to your landscaping? Want to buy plants that will grow and thrive in our Minnesota climate? You've come to the right place!

Each Spring we sell a variety of plants including blueberry plants, bareroot raspberry plants, and vegetable, herb, and flower plant starts for your garden. Plants are ordered through our website in advance and then must be picked up at our farm. We're sorry, but we are not able to ship plants. Plants will be available for pickup at our farm on May 8 and 15, 2021. Once we get closer to those dates, we will send out more detailed pick up information. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about the plant sale, plant varieties, or anything else. We're here to help and want you to have bountiful berries and a successful garden this year. You can email us at info@littlehillberryfarm.com or through the Contact Us page of the website. 

Blueberry Plants

As you all know, there is nothing better than a fresh, sweet blueberry right off bush in the heat of summer. If you want to not only experience that at our farm, but also at home we can help with that! We offer 2 year old, potted blueberry plants for sale. This is the same size plant that we plant at our farm and have had great success with. The picture below shows the approximate size of the plants you’ll receive. The specific varieties we are offering this year can be found on the Shop Plant Sale page of our website. 

Raspberry Plants

Raspberries are the quintessential berry plant to add to your home landscape. They produce prolific, sweet berries and are easy to grow. The great thing about growing raspberries is that you practically can’t kill them. If you are not a serious gardener or want a plant that can produce delicious fruit with minimal work, raspberries are for you. The biggest challenge with raspberries is keeping them from taking over your yard and your kids from eating all of them?!!? 

We are offer dormant, bare root raspberry plants for sale. Below is a picture of bare root, dormant plants to give you a visual of what you’ll receive. The specific varieties we are offering this year can be found on the Shop Plant Sale page of our website. 

Vegetable, Herb, and Flower Plant Starts

We are partnering with Waxwing Farm, a local vegetable farm, to sell plant starts for your garden. Their plants are started in their on-farm greenhouse in Webster (near Northfield) and grown using all organic practices. They are grown with care instead of being mass produced. The varieties we offer are ones which Waxwing grows on their farm for their CSA customers and restaurants in the Twin Cities. These varieties have outstanding flavor and do well in our soils and climate.

We have made some changes from last year that we think will better serve you. We will be selling seedlings in small plastic pots and, for some plants, in 4-pack containers. These will be similar containers to what you would normally see at other garden stores (but with much higher quality plants since they are grown locally for our climate). While we liked using the soil block method last year because it reduced our use of plastic, it made for plants that were a little more difficult to handle and that needed to planted as soon as possible after you picked them up from the farm. With the switch to plastic containers, you will have more flexibility as to when you plant your garden and the plants will be easier to transport.

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