Pick-Your-Own Pumpkins

Each Fall we offer upick pumpkins at the farm. The blueberry fields are a brilliant blaze of red. The air is cool and a warm cup of coffee or apple cider is the perfect accompaniment for a visit to the pumpkin field.

We think the fun in picking out pumpkins is walking through the field and turning each one over until you find your perfect pumpkin(s). The thrill is as much in the search as it is in the pumpkins themselves. 

Our pumpkins, like everything we grow, are certified organic. We grow a variety of sizes and colors - big, medium, and small orange pumpkins, yellow and pink pumpkins, and pie pumpkins for making the perfect pumpkin pie. The cost is $7/pumpkin or 4 for $24. Pie pumpkins are $4. We don't charge more for bigger pumpkins and less for smaller. We try to have our pumpkin price be average for a mid-size pumpkin so that if you take a couple large pumpkins, a medium, and a small the price averages out to a reasonable amount of $7 per pumpkin. In 2023 we plan to be open Saturday, October 7th and Sunday, October 8th from 9am to 2pm each day. 

We'll have apple pie, pumpkin muffins with frosting, and savory scones from Bread People Bakery plus other snacks from the farm store. We'll have coffee, warm apple cider, water, and juice boxes available for drinks and be offering free coffee/hot cider with purchase of a Little Hill coffee mug.