Organic Berries

We started out as a blueberry farm (if you'd like to know more about our blueberries click here), but over the years we've added more berries, some very well known, such as strawberries, and some less so, such as aronia berries. All the berries (and everything else we grow on our farm) is certified organic. We want you, our plants, and the Earth to be healthy for a long, long time to come.


Strawberries all summer long and into Fall! Yep, you read that correctly. Our strawberry season runs from mid-July through September and the prime strawberry season is August and early September. 

In previous years we have only sold pre-picked strawberries (and not offered pick-your-own strawberries). This year we will be experimenting with offering pick-your-own strawberries and we're really excited about it! Pick-your-own strawberries will start sometime in August and go into September. We will continue to offer pre-picked strawberries in 2 and 4 pound containers. 

The best way to learn when strawberries are available is to sign up for our email list which you can do on the bottom of the page. 




We grow Fall raspberries, primarily red, but also some golden. 2021 was our first year harvesting raspberries and it was a great success! We will be opening up our raspberry patch to pick-your-own this season (2022), but because our patch is small pick-your-own days will be limited. Pick-your-own starts in late August and goes into September. We'll be planting more raspberries this year and plan to expand pick-your-own raspberries in the coming years. 

We also grow raspberries in a high tunnel which we pick and offer pre-picked starting in August and going through September. 


Black and Red Currants

Black and red currants ripen at the same time as our early blueberry varieties, so we have them available for pick-your-own when we are open for blueberry pick-your-own. 

Red currants have a slightly tart sweet flavor. They are great eaten fresh or make a wonderful jelly or sauce for savory meat. Black currants have a layered flavor profile, tart and juicy but also very earthy and dusky. They're also completely gorgeous; a bucket of them looks like a collection of deep purple galaxies with their faint white speckles. Currants are known for their very high vitamin C content as well as being high in antioxidants. 


Aronia Berries and Elderberries

We have small plantings of both aronia berries and elderberries. Aronia berries are the superfood of superfoods. They have the HIGHEST levels of antioxidants of any fruit or vegetable. Yep, way more than even blueberries. Aronia berries have a tart and astringent taste. They pair well with a natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup. My favorite way to eat them is in smoothies. 

Elderberries are a unique fruit that you can find growing wild all over Minnesota, often along fence lines or in road ditches. Elderberries have unique anti-viral properties and are often used as an immune booster. 

We currently use the elderberries to make elderberry syrup that you can buy in our farm store. We typically harvest our small aronia patch ourselves and sell the berries frozen. We will be planting more aronia berry plants in 2022 and plan to start offering upick aronia berries in 2023. 


        Aronia berries                                              Elderberries