Spring Slow Down

Hi Everyone, 

Last week our family took a spring break trip to Florida. Before we left I was stressed. The fields were drying out and the soil was warming up. Spring was coming on and we were leaving for a week. I had visions of coming back to Minnesota where spring was in full swing and my field to-do list was a mile long. Terrible timing, Arrgghh. And then the weather had other ideas. :)  It got cold. It snowed and sleeted. It wasn't 60 degrees and dry when I got back this Monday. It was cold and rainy and there was still some snow on the ground! We can't do most of the field tasks on my spring to-do list. All that stress and worry for nothing. Isn't that the way it goes so many times?!?

While I would like to be getting going on my spring to-do list, the colder weather is a good thing for our blueberry plants (and other perennial fruits like grapes, apples, etc). The colder weather slows their advance towards an early spring bloom. Don't get me wrong we're still preparing for an early bloom and possible spring frost (more on our preparations in a couple weeks), but every little bit of a more "normal" April weather helps. 

In case you missed the pussy willows we had last month or you just want some more, you are in luck! We have two new varieties of pussy willow bunches available.  The pussy willow variety that we were selling earlier in March is commonly called Giant Pussy Willow. This is the pussy willow that we have the most of, but we have smaller planting of two others pussy willow varieties as well, Japanese Fantail and English Pearl. The Japanese Fantail we call the alien pussy willow around the farm because it looks like something from another planet. It's funky and weird and we love it. (It's pictured below on the left or is the first picture when you scroll down depending on if you are on a computer or mobile device.) The English Pearl is more sophisticated, refined and feels like it's right out of Victorian England. It looks similar to the Giant Pussy Willow but with smaller catkins and the catkins have a sparkle to them. (English Pearl is pictured below on the right or is the second picture as you scroll down.)

You can click here or the blue button below to place your order. The pricing and order/pickup details are the same as a few weeks ago when we had pussy willows. We are offering bunches of 20 cuttings for $20 for pickup at the farm. The cuttings are between 24" and 48" inches in length and can be trimmed to make the branches shorter if need be. The bunches will be self serve and are ready for you immediately after you place your order. We have them laid out just inside the door of our farm store building (the grey and white building with the wrap around porch on the right as you come up our driveway) to pickup. Simply place your order online and then come pick up your pussy willows. You can also order additional items such as frozen blueberries, Little Hill jam, honey, maple syrup, or elderberry syrup to pickup when you get your pussy willows. If you order additional items we'll box them up for you and have them on a shelf with your name on it just inside the door. Please give us a day to get additional items ready for you before coming to pick up your order. Thank you!

- Aaron and Molly