A Typical Day at Little Hill's Curiosity and Wonder Kids Summer Camp

We've had few people inquire about what a typical day at summer camp on the farm looks like. And so we wanted to share that with all of you in case you've been thinking about signing up, but aren't quite sure if it would be a good fit for your child. 

We're also excited to share that we will be partnering with another local farmer, Maddy Bartsch, to have the kids experience natural tie-dying using plants as part of camp this year. The kids will be collecting plants from around the farm, making a large vat of dye using plants they've collected and then using different resist techniques to do natural tie-dying. It will be a really cool hands on experience for the kids to see different ways that plants can be used and they'll get to take home something they have tie-dyed. 

A reminder on the details of camp. Each camp session will run Monday through Thursday from 9am to Noon. Camp is for ages 5 - 9, and the cost is $175 per child. Below are the dates we'll be offering this summer. 

Summer Camp Sessions

    - June 17-20 (sold out)

    - June 24-27

    - August 12-15

    What to Expect on a Typical Morning at Curiosity and Wonder Camp.

    Arrival - Meet together, set our intention and exploration for the morning, nature journal, and play games

    Farm Exploration - We set off on our first exploration of the farm. This exploration leads us to different spaces and features on our farm. Some examples are: 

    - Learning how different plants grow, fruit, and taste. 

    - Insects - what kinds of insects do we find? Where do they live? Why are they here? 

    - Water - Irrigation on the farm, where does our water come from? Plants that need more or less water. 

    - Working with plants - weaving with willows, textures, and uses of different plants. 

    - Animal signs on the farm...or wherever our curiosities take us! 

    Snack, read aloud, and take a moment of rest

    Woods Play - Shelter building, animal signs, and imaginative play under the large pines on the Little Hill. 

    End of Day - Meet together, reflect on our day, Nature Journal, and games