❄ The Calm Before the Storm ❄

Hi Everyone,

This week has felt like the calm before the storm in a number of ways. First, today literally is the calm before a forecasted snow storm tomorrow. What, snow? Where do we live, Minnesota?!?! After all the wind yesterday, the farm feels calm. The bright sunshine and blue sky are quite majestic, but tomorrow here comes the snow. I don't know about you, but I'm not quite ready for it. 

At the farm, now is also the calm before the storm of spring farm work begins. We've been chipping away at blueberry pruning and will finish up this week (just in time before the snow arrives). Next week our family is going on vacation to Florida for Spring Break. We're going to check out the Minnesota Twins spring training and do some kayaking in Fort Myers and then do some shelling, snorkeling and beach time near Tampa/St. Petersburg. I can't wait!

Once we get back and the calendar turns to April it's go time at the farm. The race is on and life will be anything but calm. We'll be starting field work and getting fields ready for planting. We'll get our equipment out of the shed and up and running. Then set up the irrigation system, rehab one of our high tunnels and spread compost. And the list goes on. 

While the spring rush can be a lot, I don't really mind it. I like the seasonality of farming, the ebb and flow of work that depends on the seasons and what the plants are doing. One week you have time to do your work at a leisurely pace. And the next week there's not enough time in the day and we're working nearly sunup to sundown. The feeling of racing against time is energizing (although certainly stressful at times). 

And with the arrival of spring farm work soon, it means that another farm season is just around the corner. We're getting excited! I look forward to sharing more of what's in store for this season as spring gets started. And we look forward to seeing many of you out at the farm soon for our Spring Plant Sale. 

All the best, 

- Aaron and Molly