Pre-picked strawberries typically start around the 4th of July and go through the end of September. (We don't offer pick-your-own strawberries.) This year due to the heat wave in early June flowering was delayed, so we expect to start having strawberries available mid-July. August is our prime strawberry time. 2 pound containers are $14. In the past we offered 4 pound containers, but will not be doing that this year. But if you order 10+ pounds worth of berries we will likely package them in larger boxes so as not to send you home with so many small containers. 

For all of our pre-picked berries we set pick-up times each week and announce them by email and on our website. We then take orders and payment in advance through our website. And finally, you come pick up your berries at appointed time. We typically sell out, so we don't usually have extra berries that can be purchased by just coming to the farm.

The best way to learn when strawberries are available is to sign up for our email list which you can do on the bottom of the page.